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Categories of Water - Fort Worth

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

The presence of categories in water and water damage at face value might prove a relatively dicey idea to wrap your head around. A fact further exacerbated by the several research findings anchoring towards the notion of water possessing memory storage abilities, a capacity that's essentially supposed to be reserved exclusively to the human species.

We will not be delving into the metrics around water's memory capacity. In hindsight, though, one could still make a solid argument of Identity Politics has leaked into water (Pun intended) and fear that water damage is the new politically correct name for floods. Such an assumption possesses some degree of soundness; however, it couldn't be further from the truth, and rest assured it's still perfectly safe to say Floods for now.

Plausible Assumptions around Water Damage

We will kick things off by drowning out the assumption (Final pun). Breaking down Water damage to its most layman definition would unpack it as excessive water pooling in areas not initially designated for swimming pool purposes.

Still on edge with this definition? Granted, a pool in itself is harmless; however, when water gathers in places where it shouldn't be, it tends to seek outlets in pursuit of which damages ensue. Damages could be in the form of saturated carpets, cushions, ceilings, and floors. The saturated nature in themselves is damage enough; however, if left unattended translates into homes taking longer to restore and demanding unique drying methods, which can be costly.

Water Damage Sub-Categories

Water damage is primarily sub-categorized into two. First is the External water damage, predominantly caused by floods either from heavy rains or overflowing streams, making their way into your home or business location. Flooding is a common occurrence in Fort Worth owing to its geographical location in a tornado risk zone with storm winds recording speeds of 300 miles per hour, resulting in a torrential downpour and flash floods.

Secondly, we have Domestic water damage, the proponent of which in a nutshell can be sum up to faulty plumbing systems. We at SERVPRO, however, embrace the holistic definition of domestic. Unpacking this means, our technicians are not only capable and equipped with state of the art equipment crucial for intervening in water damages at your homes, but also acknowledge that your offices are at risk too.

We are also purposeful with our choice of words, by intervening in water damages we are fighting on two fronts. The first and rather obvious front is where we come in to alleviate the situation after the damage is already done.

We often get the call in the final moment when the basement is completely flooded or when the improvised bucket solution can no longer serve its course, the leaking office ceiling gives in, molds begin to appear, and the initial drip morphs into a downpour.

Due Diligence

When you first place the call, the SERVPRO respond desk will ask you a series of questions, the questions are aimed at helping us get a gist of your situation. A grasp of the case aside from enabling us to establish appropriate equipment and dispatch significant labor force also allows us to ascertain the category of water loss, which usually dictates the restoration procedure.

Water Loss Categories

The water damage category refers to the degree of water contamination in retrospect to its source of origin. There are three categories of water damage:

Category 1 or "clear water: This type of damage occurs when the water comes from a sanitary water source hence does not pose any significant risks if ingested. Sanitary sources include leaking water supply lines, melting snow/ice, falling rainwater, and overflowing sinks or tubs. In the early stages, water in this category is usually clear water. However, if not cleaned up promptly, it could quickly graduate into Category 2.

Category 2 or "grey water- water loss- This damage is experienced when the water contains contaminations with the potential of transmitting illnesses upon contact or consumption by humans. Contaminants range from organic and inorganic matter to unsafe levels of microorganisms. The pollutants give the water a Greyish color. Contaminated water sources include overflowing washing machines, overflowing toilet bowls, overflowing dishwashers, punctured water beds, and broken aquariums.

Category 3 or black water- Water loss: This type of damage, in most cases, come accompanied by unpleasant odors. The water in this category is Black water, highly contaminated, and riddled with toxigenic, pathogenic as well as other harmful agents (Silt, Pesticides) that can cause chronic illness or even death if consumed. Category 3 sources include; tropical storms and hurricanes invading the indoor environment, toilet overflow with feces, sewage, and flooding from seawater.

Water Damage Restoration Procedure

Once on-site, our team conducts an in-field inspection that guides their deliberation on an effective cleanup strategy and coming up with a service estimate. Once established, our technicians dive into the restoration process (Ignore pun):

  • Water Removal: This is the first step in damage restoration. We extract all water; Floodwater, Sewage water, or Appliance water.
  • Water Damage Mitigation: Depending on the degree of damage, in this step, we focus on recovering saturated carpets and cushions using industrial dehumidifiers and our air movers. We also clean and sanitize belongings at this stage.
  • Water Damage Restoration: SERVPRO, in its capacity as a fully licensed construction and water damage restoration company in Texas will now return your property to its preloss condition as the final step. The restoration also involves the replacement of materials such as drywall and insulation.

Indicators of Water Damages

The preceding paragraphs only highlight the first front in our intervening strategies against water damages. We had alluded to two fronts, and the second front is preventive measure oriented. Water damage develops in severity over time primarily due to homeowners' ignorance, and though unintended, it's still naivety nonetheless. Awareness of the most common indicators of impending water damage will save our clients unnecessary expenses, signs such as

  • An unusually cold home troublesome to regulate.
  • Peeling paint
  • Mold spore build-up
  • The musty odor from basements or cellars
  • Pooling water
  • Discolored Walls

We pride ourselves as Fort Worth's best Restoration Company, not because of our not-so-dry sense of humor. But because we not only want you to call us after the fact to restore your office or home but also when you notice any of the common indicators. Finally, we are among the few companies offering to oversee your water damage claim that is, billing your insurance adjustor directly for the water damage restoration services provided.

Act Now

Ignoring leaks, unfortunately, only procrastinates on inevitable severe water damage. Contact SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford today at 817.595.0004, let's work together to maintain your home or office space in its peak pre-water damage condition 24/7/365.

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