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Prepare Before Severe Weather Hits

4/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford knows that severe weather can happen anywhere and any time. According to the National Weather Service Storm Ready website, every year Americans cope with an average of the following:

  • 2 landfalling deadly hurricanes
  • 5,000 floods or flash floods
  • 1,000 tornadoes
  • 10,000 severe thunderstorms

Roughly 98% of presidentially declared disasters are weather related. This leads to about 500 deaths per year and close to 15 billion dollars in damage.  In 2020, NOAA reports estimated severe weather, tropical storm and hurricane damages totalling around $74 billion. Knowing the risk of severe weather, and taking preemptive measures helps you be better prepared when disaster strikes.

Assess Your Risk

  • First, understanding the types of hazardous weather possible where you live and work and the possible impact it could have on you, your family and your business is key to being weather-ready.

Take Action

  • Making a communication plan for your home and business is the next step in being prepared for severe weather in your area. 
  • Having an emergency kit on hand is a good thing,
  • Make sure you have important documents and anything valuable in a waterproof safe place.

If your home or business is ever affected by severe weather or water damage SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is always here to help! Call us any time, day or night, our phones are answered 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!


Why Trust SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Teams

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Why trust SERVPRO? Four reasons SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is a top choice for residential and commercial disaster recovery services in the area.

Texas experiences more natural disasters than any other state in the U.S., racking up a heart-breaking $14 billion a year in property damage on average. However, those numbers would be much higher if not for the efforts of local disaster recovery teams. 

Whether it be a hurricane, tornado, fire, or otherwise, when disaster strikes in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area, SERVPRO is the go-to contractor for commercial disaster recovery services. Their disaster recovery team consists of the best of the best in the restoration industry. All their contractors have the hands-on experience and training to minimize loss and ensure the fastest restoration possible. 

Why Trust SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Teams

 #1:  Client-Focused Professionals

From the initial phone call to the completion of a project, SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford adheres to strict company policies regarding client relations. These policies center on treating all clients with respect and noting client needs to ensure that jobs are executed in a way that reassures those involved. 

This personalized approach comes from an overall commitment to serving clients rather than simply earning business. SERVPRO team members truly care about the Hurst community because they live here too, and if there's any time community-minded workers matter, it's after a natural disaster.

#2: Extensive Experience

With over 20 years in the business, SERVPRO’s disaster recovery team has the experience to handle the aftermath of any natural disaster. 

Their professionals undergo continual training to stay current on the latest restoration techniques and are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICR). All their large commercial disaster restoration projects are overseen by a veteran commercial operations manager to ensure seamless communication and superior results. 

#3: Adaptable Teams and Technology

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford can handle disasters of all sizes and types. While they are a local company, they are also a large national franchise. That gives them the unique combination of local knowledge and commitment coupled with the equipment and resources of a massive corporation. 

They offer comprehensive disaster recovery services, with the tools and expertise to offer everything from water removal and mold remediation to smoke damage restoration. That adaptability prevents the need to hire multiple contractors for one project, decreasing the chances of a problem arising. 

#4: A Reputation for Excellence

SERVPRO’s 20 years in operation has awarded them more than just extensive experience in the disaster recovery field. It has also graced them with a long list of satisfied clients. They have a local reputation for solid and effective work, personalized services, impeccable attention to detail, honesty, and transparency.

Their reputation spreads beyond just word-of-mouth referrals, too. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and a five-star rating on Yelp, Google, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook. That’s on top of the many glowing customer testimonials on their website.


SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is a local industry leader in disaster recovery, serving businesses, hotels, property managers, municipalities, the military, and more. Their recovery team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. 

For more information on their disaster recovery service in the Hurst area or to set up a response plan, call today at (817) 595-0004 for a fast, free quote.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

3717 Commerce Place Suite E
Bedford, TX 76021

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Commercial Restoration Services

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford explains how to go about finding the right commercial restoration contractor for water, fire, mold, and storm damage, as well as the benefits of hiring a contractor.

When a business suffers damage from fire, flood, mold, or natural disaster, it is vital to choose the right commercial restoration service for the job. The professionals at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford have some tips for business owners to help them do just that. 

SERVPRO is a local industry leader in commercial restoration services. They also offer a wide range of other restoration and cleaning services, such as water removal, duct cleaning, and mold remediation. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Commercial Restoration Service Contractor

When selecting a commercial restoration contractor, business owners should consider a variety of factors beyond just their budget and the type of restoration required:

  • Response time:  Choose a company with 24-hour support staffed by their employees, not an answering service. Make sure they have a large enough fleet of trucks to send someone out right away to address the issue.
  • Restoration time: Getting a business up and running again after suffering damage is crucial. Make sure to choose a commercial restoration service that can get any damage taken care of within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Cost: A reputable commercial restoration service should not overcharge because they know the dire situation of a business suffering water, fire, mold, or storm damage. Make sure to get several quotes to prevent getting overcharged.
  • Certified: It is essential to ensure that a commercial restoration service has the proper industry certification and a proven record as a professional and experienced contractor. This trait helps separate the handymen from the trained technician who knows how to handle severe damage.
  • Testimonials and reviews: Search for reviews and testimonials of or for potential commercial restoration services. These are great items to get a feel for how services handle different issues.

Doing the research and choosing the right building restoration service can save time and help a business avoid significant and costly disruptions.

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford has certified technicians with the training, knowledge, and equipment to get any business up and running again in no time. With the largest Emergency Disaster Response Team in Bedford, TX, they can handle any size problem with 24-hour service.

Questions to Ask Potential Contractors

To help acquire the previously mentioned information, it is also a good idea to ask potential commercial restoration services the following questions:

  • Are all your technicians certified?
  • How much commercial building restoration experience do you have?
  • Is your company licensed and bonded?
  • How soon can you be available?
  • Do you provide any assurances or warranties on your work?
  • What is the restoration process like? 
  • How will I be informed of any updates?
  • How long must normal business operations be halted while you work?
  • What happens if my building receives any more damage while your crews are on-site?
  • Have you received any awards or recognition for your commercial building restoration work?

Professionals know their stuff and do not hesitate to provide information when asked. Thus, it will be easy to sort qualified restoration companies from ones that do not have the expertise or experience to get the job done correctly. 

Unprofessional work can lead to even more costly damage, complicating the situation even further than when it began. Always make sure to get as much information as possible upfront to avoid problems.

Reliable Commercial Restoration Services in Bedford, TX

When it comes to commercial building restoration services in Bedford, TX, and its surrounding areas, look no further than SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford. Their team is ready for whatever happens, no matter how extensive the damage. Give them a call today at (817) 595-0004 or request help online.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

3717 Commerce Place Suite E
Bedford, TX 76021

Why FAST Response is Crucial for Water Damage Restoration

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford offers unique solutions custom-tailored for each water damage restoration case in and around Bedford, TX.

The first 24 to 48 hours are crucial for preventing permanent damage when water is involved. Any longer and the risks of microbial growth such as mold and bacteria increase dramatically. Thankfully, the highly trained water damage specialists at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford can quickly help with water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration: Why is FAST Response Important?

Each day over 14,000 Americans face a water damage emergency. Whether it is from flooding or a broken pipe, a water-damaged home is at risk for further damage in the form of mold, rot, and bacteria. The longer the water exposure, the greater the damage becomes. That is why the first 24 to 48 hours after a home suffers water damage is critical.

Trained professionals, such as those as SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford, offer 24-hour emergency service and are equipped with advanced inspection, extraction, and drying equipment for fast water removal and cleanup. 

Water restoration companies remove water quickly and efficiently, including hidden moisture, then dry structures with powerful dehumidifiers. Once complete, they sanitize the entire area to protect it against pathogens and bacteria.

The sooner water damage remediation begins, the greater the success of the process. Choose a water restoration company with 24-hour service and on-site support staff that can get someone out to assess and clean up the water damage as soon as possible.

What To Do Before Water Damage Restoration Professionals Arrive

As soon as water damage occurs, several steps can help mitigate further damage and prepare for professionals' arrival.

  1. Stop the water. If possible and safe, stop water flow by closing the valve on the water supply. Preventing additional water exposure can save hundreds of dollars in flood cleanup and water damage restoration services.
  2. Assess the damage. Check for immediate threats like electricity exposure or dark water. Make sure not to come in contact with the water, and do not attempt any do-it-yourself approach to handling the situation. Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford take care of the water removal and water cleanup process.
  3. Take pictures. Make sure to document the damage for insurance purposes by taking photos of the affected areas. Do not throw anything out without taking a picture first.
  4. Call a water damage restoration service. At this point, it is time to call the professionals to clean up, dry out, and restore all water-damaged areas of the home. SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford offers fast and convenient 24-hour service to residents of Bedford, TX, and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to water damage, always practice safety first. If there is any doubt about whether a water-damaged area is safe, call a professional to take care of everything properly. If there is water near electrical wires or outlets, a sewer line has backed up, or any visible mold forms from the damage, stay clear of the area.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Bedford

For water cleanup, water removal, flood cleanup, or any other services related to water damage, including filing insurance paperwork, give SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford a call at (817) 595-0004 or request help online. Their water damage repair and restoration services are available 24/7, and their equipment can handle any size disaster quickly.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

3717 Commerce Place Suite E
Bedford, TX 76021

4 Fire Damage Restoration Mistakes Property Owners Can Avoid

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford discuss four fire damage restoration mistakes property owners can avoid to protect their property and prevent unnecessary damage or expense.

The damage after a fire can be devastating, and the idea of fire damage restoration can feel overwhelming. Even worse, the effects of fire damage can continue long after the fire has been extinguished.

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is committed to guiding homeowners and property owners through this difficult time by helping them avoid the most common fire damage restoration mistakes.

4 Fire Damage Restoration Mistakes Property Owners Can Avoid

Mistake #1: Making repairs and cleaning the property before notifying the insurance company.

The insurance company will need to see the full extent of the damage before fire damage restoration can begin. Don’t remove anything from the property or make any repairs before an insurance adjuster can perform a proper inspection.

Leave things exactly as they are so that everything damaged can be properly accounted for and the insurance company can make an accurate loss assessment.

Mistake #2: Failing to secure the property to prevent additional damage.

Properties are often compromised after fire damage, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to further damage. Avoid this mistake by contacting a fire damage restoration company immediately to secure the property and prevent unnecessary damage in the long run. 

Damaged roofs need to be tarped, while broken windows and doors need to be boarded and secured to protect the property from the elements. Securing the property also protects against unauthorized entry, including thieves or looters.

Mistake #3: Spending too much time on the property before essential repairs and cleaning can be completed.

Active flames are not the only risks of fire damage. There are other dangers a fire can leave behind, such as unseen structural damage and significant health risks.

Roofs and walls can collapse at any time from unseen or worsening damage. These risks not only increase the chance of further damage and expense, but they can pose a threat to anyone who enters the property.

There are also health risks and concerns due to smoke inhalation, soot residue, and other harmful particles that a fire can leave behind. 

The Texas Department of Health warns against the long-term health risks associated with exposure to smoke components. These may include health effects.

The safest thing to do is avoid the property as much as possible until professional fire damage restoration is underway. In addition to major repairs, these companies offer water cleanup, mold removal, soot and smoke damage cleanup, and other services to help return the property to a safe condition.

Mistake #4: Not hiring a professional fire damage restoration company right away.

Proper fire damage restoration requires specialized equipment and training. Immediately hiring a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO can help homeowners avoid all the mistakes discussed here and more. 

The right fire damage restoration team will work with homeowners from start to finish and help them recover from fire damage as quickly as possible. SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is committed to serving the property owners and residents of Bedford, Texas, and providing them with the highest quality fire damage restoration services possible.

24-hour service means never having to wait to speak with a fire damage restoration professional. They also offer mold and water removal, air duct cleaning services, and more. Contact SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford for more information. 

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

P: (817) 595-0004

3717 Commerce Place Suite E

Bedford, TX 76021

4 Tips on Water Damage Restoration and Insurance Claims

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Learn more about the water damage restoration and insurance claims process, from assessment to avoiding denials, with these simple tips from the restoration pros at SERVPRO of Hurst - Euless - Bedford, TX.

Water damage is one of the most common insurance claim types—even more so in recent years, with claims becoming more severe and frequent. 

Currently, approximately one in 50 property owners file a water damage claim each year. The average claim comes in at around $10,000, leading insurance companies to pay about $13 billion annually in claims.

Since 2015, the number of water-related claims exceeding $500,000 has doubled annually, and those exceeding $1 million have nearly tripled. This escalation is mainly due to an increase in intense storms, aging homes, and insufficient plumbing maintenance.

When a water disaster strikes, it's essential to have a professional water damage restoration company on your side.  It also helps to understand the restoration and insurance claim process. The experts at SERVPRO of Hurst - Euless - Bedford, Texas, are here to share some tips on dealing with water damage restoration and insurance claims.

#1: Assess Water Damage

Regardless of whether the loss experienced was a significant flood or slow leak, any type of water damage must be taken seriously. Water can quickly destroy property and create health hazards like mold. It's essential to move fast on water removal and repair. Make sure to take photos of the water damage to submit to the insurance company.

#2: Call a Water Damage Restoration Pro

Although a homeowner’s first instinct might be to call the insurance company, it’s best to contact a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Hurst - Euless - Bedford, first. The experts at SERVPRO are available 24/7 to respond to any crisis. They will quickly assess the water damage and give advice on how to deal with an insurance claim.

Once SERVPRO is hired to perform water damage restoration services, they’ll take over the project. Water damage restoration and mold remediation companies like SERVPRO perform the following services:

  • Gather evidence of damage and estimates for repair
  • Secure the property to prevent additional damage
  • Deal directly with the insurance adjuster
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for a payout
  • Handle water removal, mold removal, and flood cleanup
  • Provide fire damage restoration services
  • Offer air duct cleaning services
  • Sanitize and thoroughly dry property
  • Restore and rebuild damaged property

#3: Contact the Insurance Company

Insurance policies are complex and confusing. It can be hard to determine what is covered under the policy. Although property insurance policies vary greatly, most cover sudden and accidental water damage. Here are some types of water damage not typically covered by standard insurance:

  • Water damage resulting from poor maintenance of pipes or appliances
  • Water or sewage backup from an outside sewer
  • Flooding from storms or overflowing bodies of water

#4: Avoid Insurance Claims Denials

The insurance company may deny a claim for many reasons. The best way to avoid a deny is to prepare before a disaster strikes:

  • Collect records of home repairs and appliance maintenance
  • Carefully review your insurance policy and make sure it covers common causes of water damage
  • Keep up on routine maintenance for the home and appliances   

Need Help with Water Damage Restoration?

SERVPRO can help navigate the insurance claims process. They offer residential and commercial water damage restoration throughout the Bedford area. SERVPRO is also one of Texas’ leading fire restoration companies with dozens of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. If you need water cleanup or mold removal, contact SERVPRO today.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

P: (817) 595-0004

3717 Commerce Place Suite E
Bedford, TX 76021

4 Tips When Filing a Commercial Fire Damage Claim

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford offer four tips and strategies for commercial property owners to consider when filing a fire damage insurance claim.

Dealing with fire damage on a commercial property can be overwhelming, to begin with;  the complicated insurance claims process only makes it worse, leaving many business and commercial service providers with countless questions on where to begin.

To get started, here are four helpful tips from the restoration specialists at SERVPRO to use when filing a commercial fire damage insurance claim:

4 Tips When Filing a Commercial Fire Damage Claim

#1: Thoroughly investigate and document the damage.

It is important to provide the insurance company with detailed documentation for all the damage to the commercial property, no matter how major or minor.

Fire damage can exist in many forms, including structural damage, water damage, smoke damage, and much more. Thoroughly and carefully investigate the commercial property to look for evidence of damage, even in unlikely places.

Document any damage found through multiple methods, including written descriptions, photos, and videos. If possible, find ways to prove that the damage came from the fire and did not exist on the property beforehand. This can help validate the claim and speed up the claims process even further.

Don’t replace or throw away any damaged items until the insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to see them, even if they have already been properly documented.

#2: Keep track of relevant documents and receipts.

FEMA’s statistics show that fires resulted in over $25 billion in property loss in 2019 alone. In most cases, insurance claims are the only way commercial service providers can recover those lost costs. 

That makes determining the value of possessions and damaged property extremely important during the insurance claims process.

Gathering all receipts and documentation can be extremely helpful when trying to show the insurance company what any lost property is worth. Even if there are no physical copies of the purchase receipts, bank or credit card statements can often offer proof of purchase. 

This process can sometimes be long and difficult. It's crucial to start gathering the necessary documentation as soon as possible to help ensure that the insurance company has what they need to move through the claims process and offer compensation as quickly as possible.

#3: Review insurance policy specifics.

The insurance claims process is complex, and important details are sometimes overlooked. Before filing a commercial fire damage claim, have a copy of the insurance policy on-hand. Review all the policy details and double-check them in reference to any benefits or compensation offered by the insurance company. Policy specifics can be a powerful tool during the negotiation process.

#4: Choose a professional and experienced fire damage restoration team that’s familiar with commercial services.

Choosing the right fire damage restoration team is essential to both ensuring the insurance claims process runs smoothly and returning a commercial property back to its pre-fire condition.

A professional and experienced fire damage restoration team like SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford has extensive experience working with insurance companies. They know how to effectively assess the damage, provide proper estimates, and help present detailed documentation to the insurance company.

To learn more about professional commercial fire damage restoration services in the Bedford area, contact SERVPRO today.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford

P: (817) 595-0004

3717 Commerce Place Suite E

Bedford, TX 76021

Why SERVPRO is the No. 1 Choice for Professional Cleaning & Restoration in Bedford, TX

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: If your home has been damaged by water, fire, or mold, SERVPRO is the best choice for professional cleaning in Bedford, TX to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. With a professional team, the latest equipment and techniques, and fast 24-hour service, their customers have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Disasters come in many forms. In Texas, homeowners and businesses regularly experience water damage from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other powerful storms. And fires occur nearly every seven minutes somewhere in the state. 

Building restoration companies like SERVPRO of Bedford, Texas can help building owners quickly repair damage and clean up messes caused by disasters. SERVPRO is the leading building restoration service for Bedford, TX, with a staff of highly trained restoration specialists ready to respond to any fire or water emergency 24 hours a day. In addition to disaster restoration, SERVPRO offers professional cleaning services to homes and businesses.

Why SERVPRO Is the Best Choice for Water Cleanup

Whether the water comes from a flood, a busted pipe, or a leaky roof, water can cause serious damage to a building – and to the health of the people inside. Within days, unwelcome water and moisture can cause rapid mold growth, destroy floors and furnishings, and create an unhealthy environment.

Although there are many water restoration companies, few can match SERVPRO’s experience and expertise in water removal, flood cleanup, and expertly restoring the building to pre-disaster condition. When responding to residential or commercial water damage, the SERVPRO team will:

  • Inspect the property thoroughly to determine the scale of water damage
  • Use industrial vacuums and pumps for water removal
  • Employ powerful fans and dehumidifiers to dry the property
  • Sanitize the building and remove odors with professional cleaning equipment
  • Restore and repair areas impacted by water damage 

SERVPRO understands that flooding and water damage can happen at any time, so their emergency service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week – even on holidays.

Why SERVPRO Is the No. 1 Company for Expert Mold Removal

Mold growth is a common—and serious—problem following a flood or leak. SERVPRO, one of the leading mold remediation companies in Bedford, TX, has vast experience eliminating harmful mold before it causes health effects or structural issues. When the SERVPRO team arrives on the scene, they will:

  • Identify and remove the water that’s allowing mold growth
  • Find any area impacted by mold
  • Eliminate mold from all surfaces
  • Utilize a powerful air filtration system to suck up mold spores
  • Clean and sanitize the mold-impacted surfaces, material, carpets, and furniture
  • Repair and restore areas damaged by mold 

Mold is a difficult and persistent problem that needs professional attention to eradicate. SERVPRO’s restoration specialists are highly trained and complete continuing education to stay up to date on the most effective techniques for mold removal and fire and water restoration. 

Why SERVPRO Is the Top Pick for Fire Restoration

SERVPRO differs from other fire restoration companies by embracing a philosophy of restoring, rather than replacing, a building damaged by fire. Their team can arrive immediately after a fire to begin work. SERVPRO’s fire damage restoration service includes:

  • Building inspection to assess the extent of the damage
  • Board-up and tarp service to prevent further damage
  • Water removal from firefighting efforts
  • Elimination of smoke and soot
  • Cleaning and sanitizing with industrial scrubbers
  • Restoring and repairing the building to pre-fire condition

Why SERVPRO Is the Best Cleaning Service in Bedford, TX

SERVPRO cleaning specialists are certified to take on any challenge, from sanitizing a home’s carpet and upholstery to air duct cleaning service. The company also has expertise in tackling biohazard spills and COVID-19 sanitization issues. SERVPRO can professionally clean any surface or material—whether in an emergency or a routine deep clean.

Locally owned and operated, SERVPRO is Texas’ leading residential and commercial water, mold, and fire restoration company. For immediate help following a disaster, contact SERVPRO, located at 3717 Commerce Place, Bedford, TX 76021, at 817-595-0004.

Winter Fire Hazards to be Aware of For Your Business

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

With the changing of the seasons comes cooler weather, and for most of us, it is a welcome change. Who doesn’t love snuggling up before a warm fire at this time of year? We’ve pulled out the sweaters and fluffy blankets to stay toasty, and most of us will employ a space heater or two before spring comes around again.

In your place of business, you will be taking those extra steps to make sure your staff is comfortable during the colder months, as well. Let’s make sure they stay fire safe! Here are some winter fire hazards to be aware of:

  • Most businesses won’t be using a fireplace to warm their interiors, but those who work out of doors may build fires on the job site to keep hands and toes functional. Make sure your crew is careful to use metal receptacles for those bonfires and that they place them far away from flammable materials such as wood and linens. If a wind comes up, things could get dangerous fast.
  • In your offices, the use of space heaters will be helpful. Inspect every unit used to make sure that cords and plugs are in good working condition, and enforce a policy that ensures they are never left running when the room is unoccupied or when the workday is over. Designate someone to oversee this; they should be the person who is normally last out the door. As the owner, it may very well be you.
  • Employ a landscape company to remove leaves and dead vegetation from your property. In the event of a fire in your building, space that is cleared from the foundation and exterior walls will help firefighters to gain access as well as prevent a fire from spreading further.
  • When repairing or renovating your offices or outbuildings, use fire-resistant materials whenever possible. Flooring, furniture, and paint can all be produced or treated after purchase to make them more fire safe.

The team here at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford is always available to help you keep your business fire safe. In the event of damages sustained from fire or water, we have the experience and know how to complete a cleanup project quickly and efficiently, getting you back to work as soon as possible.

Preventing HVAC Water Damage

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

Your HVAC unit is particularly susceptible to water damage thanks to the water it pulls out of the air to cool your space down. However, if this condensation isn’t properly drained, your HVAC is primed to overflow, making the floors, carpets, walls, and ceilings around it wet. To prevent this less than ideal scenario, we recommend taking the following measures to minimize or avoid HVAC water damage altogether. 

1. Keep your HVAC unit clean.

We can’t emphasize this step enough—keep your HVAC unit clean by removing all the dust and dirt that has accumulated on your condenser at the very least once a year. Spring is the best time of year to do this! Cleaning your HVAC unit twice or even more frequently may be a smart move. You should also make sure any plants or objects are a minimum of two feet away from your unit to keep the airflow flowing!

2. Flush the drain line.

When you have your air conditioning running, double-check your condensation line opening to ensure that water is freely flowing to the drain. Do you spot a clogged drain line? Poke the drainage holes with a wire or paper clip to clear it. Also, it’s good practice to flush your drain line with a commercial mold or algae prevention solution or just regular bleach at least once or twice a year to ward off mold growth.

3. Change its filter. 

So many people don’t realize that it’s important to change your HVAC unit’s filter at least once a month. Over time, dust and debris build up on your HVAC filter and changing it prevents the unit from overworking, which extends its longevity as well as prevents the coils from freezing. When the unit overworks, its coils are at a much higher risk of freezing.

4. Install a condensation pump.

Condensation pumps do the important work of funneling excess water flow to its appropriate disposal drain. This is a great, sometimes overlooked, way to reduce the risk of water damage! In addition to installing a condensation pump, consider installing a safety float that shuts down the unit when the condensation builds up to the point of overflow.

5. Get a professional to inspect it.

Does maintaining your HVAC to prevent water damage sound like quite the hassle? Hiring a professional to regularly inspect your HVAC ensures that a trained individual will monitor the risk of water damage your HVAC poses and keep it in good repair throughout the year. 

Our SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford professionals are well-versed in keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance, and we’d be more than happy to help take care of preventative maintenance for you. Give us a call at (817) 595-0004 to learn more about our services!